I'm an ordinary bloke. More than that - I'm an ordinary Christian bloke. That counts. It means that I live in hope. Not a wishful-thinking kind of hope, but an active hope built on faith and fueled by experience. Becoming old just takes time, but my years have been full of challenges overcome, joys experienced, trials that became valuable lessons -  and constant contact with God. When I was young I had a future; now I'm older, I have a past; but I haven't finished - and the enjoyment continues.

My business career is past history. I was also once a member of a nationally known Christian rock group called "The Pilgrims" (see MY BOOKS below). My music hasn't quite gone away (I still play acoustic guitar) but it's no longer at the core of my life. Writing and prayer are now my main occupations - as well as being a grandfather. The primary passions that are reflected in my writing are Church, Bible, Faith, and Prayer.

Still Digging: Scratching the surface and plumbing the depths of prayer
Pilgrims Rock!: The true story of the first Christian rock group
Shemayin: A world at peace (a fantasy adventure>
Little Church of Bethany: small village - big heart - huge influence
SOS (Stumbling Over Scripture): A Journey from fundamentalism to faith.
Prophecy in Today's Church: A compact study of a valuable gift. (Co-author: Revd. Canon Simon Jones)

For more details about these books read the summary at My Books