Two Bethany books

The story and theology of Bethany and the script and songs of the Musical

Little Church of Bethany looks in detail at each of the characters in the New Testament stories about Bethany and shows how just 3 faithful people in that small village changed their commmunity and the whole gospel story. It shows the power of small churches - even in the 21st century.

The book also traces the story of how the musical was created and the part it played in the life of a church that was growing to become a significant force for good in its community and region.

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Available from in paperback or Kindle versions. ISBN Number 978-1530721610.

This larger format book contains the full script of the Musical, the sheet music for each song (including arrangments) advice on staging, and detailed individual scripts for each of the characters.

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This too is available from in paperback of Kindle versions. ISBN Number 978-1530924592.

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