The Band

Formed in 1961, The Pilgrims were the first Christian Rock 'n Roll band (or "rock group" as they were known in those days.) They released one single in 1963, but didn't issue any albums during their playing years. However, they did make studio recordings. In 2004 those recordings were brought together in Florida to be remastered and issued on CD, featuring 21 of their original tracks.
On this website you can even listen to MP3 versions of the CD tracks.

Members of The Pilgrims were:

  • Ian Wilkie - Drummer (1961-1968)
  • Don Sanders - Lead Guitar (1961-1963), Bass Guitar (1963-68)
  • Derrick Phillips - Rhythm Guitar (1961-1967) Vocalist (1963-1966)
  • John Hubbard - Bass Guitar (1961-1963), Vocalist (1963-1966) Lead Guitar (1963-1966)
  • Chris King - Vocalist (1961-1963)
  • Tony Goodman - Vocalist (1965-1968), Lead Guitar (1966-1968)