600 Bottles

(Based on a story from John chapter 3)

The wine ran out,
But a guest somehow got us some more
He set them up
In the jars standing by the front door.
Six huge jars
Don't try to lift one on your own
Why so much?
Any one of those jars would have done

Rich, red wine,
The best wine that I've ever tasted
On this crowd
I think such fine wine will be wasted
This will be
A definite hades of a feast
Every jar
Can hold one hundred litres at least
That adds up
To six hundred full bottles in all
Many more
Than the people we have in the hall

Don't tell the Pharisees!
They can always find problems enough
They'll be cross to see
Half the town still drunk by next Sabbath.
I'm quite glad
That someone acted to save the day
But in my view
The way he did it was OTT
Who was it
Who helped us to get over this hitch?
He must be
Ever so clever or very rich
I understand
There were lots of guests at this wedding

But 600 bottles?
The fellow has got to be kidding

© Derrick Phillips - 2023