Maths and Prayer

Do you find prayer difficult? Perhaps you're trying too hard.
This poem was written in 2005, but became a chapter headline in the 2017 book:
Still Digging: Scratching the surface and plumbing the depths of prayer

I can't do the rest
…as if I cared!
I can't do maths and I can't do prayer
'cause I can't work it out
and my mind's out there-
trying to solve it,
burdened with care
and I can't find the answers
so the problem's still there.

But, not doing maths
never makes me despair;
I'm at home with that weakness
So why should I care
that I can't be an expert
on the subject of prayer?

Lord, cause me to rest
in the now and the here;
to believe that you're present
and there's no need to fear.

© Derrick Phillips - 2005