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A- Abraham haggled - a poem about prayer
Adam and Evolution - Evolution or Genesis - do we have to make a choice?
Achan and Ai - A commentary on Joshua chapter 7
A church like Bethany - The most intimate model for 'church' was founded by Jesus himself
A Fruitful Life - Remembering a lady whose influence was far greater than she ever realised
A hell of a question - How fundamental to Christian doctrine is the teaching about Hell?
Angry Nations - A reflection on Psalm 2
As I lay in the mud - a poem based on Psalm 40


B- Banking on prayer - a poem about prayer
Behind the mirror - Is God angry? (poem)
Being Ananias - a poem/meditation on Acts 9:17
Best intentions - a short poem about "Truth"
Bible in a Year - tips and encouragement for those who would like to know the Bible better
Bible Reading Record - download page for printing a useful aid for reading the Bible in a Year
Burning Bush - a poem/meditation on Exodus 3
Bye-bye QT - when the prayer habit seems to fail (poem)


Casting bread - comments on the strange text in Ecclesiastes ("cast thy bread upon the waters")
Choosing again - a poem prompted by John 6:66-68
Contemplation - a short poem about an important type of prayer
Christian Mysticism - A correspondent asked me to comment on an entry in Microsoft's "Encarta" encyclopedia on the subject of " Christian Mysticism" and this was my reply
Creative evolution - Evolution is OK, but it implies an uncaused cause. Is that scientific?

D-(The) Danger of Truth - This article was originally a letter I sent to a Pakistani army officer who held Islamic fundamentalist sympathies and wrote expressing a concern for truth, especially as stated in the Quran.
Deliver us from Evil - What does this phrase of the Lord's Prayer really mean?
(The) Divine Sculptor - The expert sculptor knows his material intimately and forms it out of that knowledge. But who, in this poem, is the Sculptor? And who is the stone?
Don't speak to me again - a Poem based on (Based on 1 Kings 19:3-13, Jeremiah 20:7-9, Jonah 1:1-3, 4:1-3)
Dreams with meaning - Most Christians believe in the potential value of dreams - but only in theory. My experience went beyond theory - and it all began in a home meeting at a little church in Kent. (pdf file)

E- End times - To many people Judgement seems like a worrying doctrine and a fearful prospect, but what about those who are waiting for justice? (Poem)(pdf file)

F- Faith is... - a poem Based on Hebrews 11:1 and 6
Fit to Fight? - Preparation for spiritual warfare
Five questions about the Transfiguration - a commentary on one of the strangest stories in the New Testament
Footprints - It's OK to leave footprints that people may choose to follow, but it's not OK to leave holes that people will feel obliged to fill
Fundamental relief - An introduction to Derrick Phillips' book, "SOS - Stumbling Over Scripture" top

G- Growing up - Challenging reflections about my image of God (poem)

H- Haikus - A collection of Haikus (mostly about faith) (pdf file)
Heartfelt Prayer - The way we'd like our prayer to be

I- Identity crisis - a pained cry from a man seeking wholeness (poem) (pdf file)

J- (J)

K- (K)

L- Live a miracle - Christians can bemoan the divided state of the church - or they can do something about it. Practical suggestions for ordinary believers to promote unity. (pdf file)

M- Martha's legacy - Martha has often received a bad press over the story told in Luke 10:38-42.
But the rest of her story shows her to have been an admirable woman of faith. (poem)
Maths and Prayer - Do you find prayer difficult? Perhaps you're trying too hard. (poem)
Mystic risks - Christianity, which is based on miraculous and prophetic origins, has often looked suspiciously on prophets and mystics. Charismatics, prophets and mystics can be loose cannons - but the risks are worth taking.
Mystics for pleasure - A fundamentalist Protestant Evangelical opens his eyes to the wisdom of earlier times and different traditions - and discovers the Mystics.

N- Naboth's Vineyard - based on the story in 1 Kings chapter 21
No beginning - poetic speculation on the origins of everything (pdf file)
No objective - Writing this sorrowful complaint helped me get bad feelings out of my system Sometimes, it's therapeutic to have a moan! (poem)

O- Overcome - A poem inspired by the text: "They entered the house and saw the child in the arms of Mary, his mother. Overcome, they kneeled and worshipped him" Matthew 2:11 (NIV)
Overcoming Temptation - Maintaining the Breastplate of Righteousness


P- Prayer changes things - A poem made up of 5 Haikus about prayer
Prayer Language - What language does God speak?
Praying to make a difference - A prayer for effective prayer (poem)
Prophetic paradox - Prophecy is a privileged gift but a dangerous burden

Q- (Q)

R- (R)

S- Satisfied - Poem inspired by the text: "Simeon… would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ" Luke 2:25,26 (NASV)

T- Thank You Lord - Notation for a worship song (originally a rock song by The Pilgrims)- pdf file
Thank You Lord - Lyrics and Guitar Chords for a worship song (originally a rock song by The Pilgrims)- pdf file
The Comradeship Agenda - People talk about battling in prayer, but who are they fighting?
The Highest Mountain - It's hard not to be moved by the intimacy of Jesus' prayer in John 17. But we can be moved sentimentally without ever changing our position in reality. Jesus prayed for unity. Where is it?
To be a church - Thoughts about the nature of the church (poem) (pdf file)


U- (U)

V- Vigo visions - Vigo Village was once my home-base. While I lived there I shared in the experience of creating a church where none existed already.

W- What can you do when you don't have the energy to seek God? -This letter was written to a Christian lady who wrote from the USA asking what to do when spiritual life seems weak and nothing seems to be worth the effort.
What comfort Job? - God trades bets with Satan over the resilience of Job's faith under pressure. What comfort can there be in this ancient attempt to answer one of religion's greatest questions? (pdf file)
What would a united church look like? - History shows no clear example of a united church, so how do we know what unity might look like?
Who believes in me? - A moan - answered by Hosea 10:12 (poem)
Why call now? - A commentary on (Isaiah 6:1-8) in the form of a poem (pdf file)
Why does prayer live now? - I'm not the only person who has struggled with prayer - and I'm still in the lower classes of this school. (poem)
Why is Leviticus so bloody? Leviticus is often seen as a 'problem' book - the point where Bible readers often give up. But there's another way to look at this...


Y-{Y} Your Kingdom Come - Another way to look at this familiar phrase from "The Lord's Prayer" (poem)