Bible Reading Record Download
click on the link relevant to your appropriate paper size

How to use your Bible Reading Record

1. Download the page you need using one of the following links.
(A) For European size A4 paper - European A4 size Bible Reading Record
(B) For American Letter size paper - American Letter size Bible Reading Record

2. OPTIONALLY download printable instructions - INSTRUCTION PAGE - (NB this is a copy of the following information)

3. Print one copy

4. Flip the paper and turn it bottom to top to print the other side

5. Cut them out and use one this year and the other next year

OR pass the second copy to a friend and encourage them to read the Bible in a Year

Each time you read a chapter tick it off to keep track of what you have read.
It doesn't matter what order you read the books.
Your Reading Record keeps track of your progress

There's a space on the front to record what Bible version you are reading.
Also to mark when you start and finish the Bible

Enjoy your Bible - all of it